The SUSTAINER™ by Karhof is all that the name says: a highly sustainable and ultra-light truck body.  The SUSTAINER™ is constructed using the innovative, tested and patented CLIME™ connection system making it stronger than any other adhesive connection. The panels are easily disassembled for recycling by heating them, leaving no adhesive residue making it also the most sustainable connection ever. Simplicity and unique innovation go hand-in-hand in to make the SUSTAINER™ a game-changer in the world of composite construction.


The SUSTAINER™ has the lowest possible weight of a cargo box in the world, leading to significant annual energy savings.

Our 1,024 ft3 cargo box with back doors and the chassis mounting structure included, the weight is 750 lbs. This is at least 2,000 lbs less than conventional competing cargo box in the North America.


Karhof is the only cargo box manufacturer in the world that uses 100% recyclable materials and also incentivizes their recycling.

Our unique production process allows us to recycle a broken panel to produce a new one. No glue and polluting plastics are used in construction; hence the CO2 footprint is extremely low. And because of our innovative design and manufacturing process, little energy is needed to build the SUSTAINER™.


Our TCO is the lowest of any box you will ever own.

Lower fuel consumption, lower road use taxes, and more payload add up to a lower TCO. Our quick and easy repairability along with the ability to make repairs on site dramatically reduces cost and downtime.


Fleets should be ON THE MOVE. No one wants downtime.

Because Sustainer panels are in stock, they can immediately be exchanged for damage or to reconfigure the cargo box, repurpose it or to make it more efficient. You can also quickly rebrand your fleet or for temporary advertising campaigns.


Karhof’s SUSTAINER™ is designed to be modular along with being quick and easy to assemble and repair.

Mix and Match different side, rear and top panels to configure the most useful and efficient cargo box for your needs. You can choose from; Standard and a solar power generating top panels; side panels with or without swinging or roll-up shutter doors as well as roll up or sliding canvas; rear swinging or roll-up shutter doors. Various models of liftgates are also available.


Karhof’s unique attaching and joining system which utilizes an innovative (and patented) composition of aluminum profiles, ensures a super-fast assembly and disassembly.

All panels (roof, walls, floor) are pre -assembled instead of being built up insitu as conventional boxes are. This saves significant time and labor which not only accelerates box production and delivery but makes panel repair and replacement quick and easy.



The Sustainer Cargo Box Solution

The Specialist In Open And Closed Bodywork


Deep customer focus. Factory floor know-how. All working together to electrify what’s next in last-mile delivery.

Advantages of Electric Trucks:

  • Fewer moving parts

  • Durable, lightweight components

  • Less noise

  • Zero emissions

  • Freedom from high fuel costs

  • Dedicated maintenance and technical support from Workhorse


Lowest Carbon Footprint Ever


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