Beste Bak XL Light

Karhof proudly introduces our brand new Beste Bak XL Light. This uniquely built truck body is fully recyclable thanks to the use of thermoplastic composites. The Beste Bak XL Light is almost half the weight of a traditional built truck body in the 8 to 20 ton segment, improving hill climbing and fuel economy (energy consumption). The Beste Bak XL Light is much lighter but at the same time it is at least as strong as a traditionally built vehicle yet still easy to repair and with minimal impact on the environment. In short, more efficient on all fronts, hence more profitable!


  • Length from 16 to 28 feet

  • Suitable for 8 to 20 ton vehicles

  • Sustainable production by using recyclable composites

  • Various options such as a liftgate, swinging doors, roller doors, etc.


  • Almost as half as light as a traditional truck body

  • At least as strong as a traditional truck body

  • Fully recyclable structure

  • Minimal environmental impact

  • Lower fuel consumption

  • Easy to repair in case of damage

Lowest Carbon Footprint Ever


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